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5 Reasons to Ditch Your Poisonous Dryer Sheets for Wool Dryer Balls

5 Reasons to Ditch Your Poisonous Dryer Sheets for Wool Dryer Balls

You may love having your load of clothes come out soft, smelling good and wrinkle free. Just know that all of that comes at a concerning cost. Yes, dryer sheets and fabric softeners cost money but on a more serious level they come at a huge risk. If you care about the safety and health of your family you should steer clear of both fabric softeners and dryer sheets. Both of these laundry aides contain toxic chemicals and have some of the most harmful chemicals out there. Even the unscented options include toxic chemicals and can harm you and your family. Take a look at these five reasons to ditch your poisonous dryer sheets for dryer balls wool:


1. Camphor, Chloroform and Ethyl Acetate

On a serious note, your dryer sheets and fabric softeners contain many chemicals that are listed on the US EPA’s Hazardous Waste list. This is public information, even though the company doesn’t have to list the ingredients, you can take a look for yourself. Camphor is a known stimulant to your nervous system. It causes dizziness, nausea, convulsions and confusion. Everyone knows that chloroform is a carcinogen. It is neurotoxic and is one of the top chemicals on the hazardous waste list. Ethyl acetate is also on the hazardous waste list and is listed as a narcotic. This may cause headaches and periods of narcosis.


2. Ipha-Terpineol

This is another common chemical found in dryer sheets and liquid fabric softeners. This toxic chemical is known to cause central nervous system disorders. It can also cause headaches, central nervous system depression and result in loss of muscular coordination.


3. Benzyl Alcohol and Benzyl Acetate

Both of these chemicals can cause central nervous system disorders and have been linked to pancreatic cancer. They also come with other side effects like dizziness, vomiting, headaches and, in more severe cases, death. Benzyl alcohol has also been proven to be an upper respiratory irritant and can cause shortness of breath and asthma.

5 Reasons to Ditch Your Poisonous Dryer Sheets for Wool Dryer Balls

4. Linalool

This is another common narcotic found in dryer sheets. It is one of the leading causes of central nervous system disorders. Studies have shown that it causes depression, lowers your spontaneous motor activity and causes severe loss of muscular coordination.


5. Pentane

Repeated inhalation of pentane vapors can also cause central nervous system depression. These toxic fumes can also trigger dizziness, headaches and vomiting. On a larger scale inhaling pentane fumes can cause drowsiness and in some cases, loss of consciousness.

On top of these five serious reasons to ditch your dryer sheets, there are many more. You can save time and money by using wool dryer balls. It is a natural option that will keep all of these chemicals out of your home and away from your family. You will save money and time by using wool dryer balls. They help cut the drying time in half, which saves energy and will lower your electric bill. Keep you and your family safe from these harmful chemicals and ditch those poisonous dryer sheets.